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New York, New York


A New York harpist trying to figure things out - and the mishaps and adventures that inevitably ensue.

I Took my Knitting to the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn to see Mikaela Davis

Kathryn Sloat

Yes, I did actually bring my knitting to the Knitting Factory - which, if you don’t know, is a trendy rock club in Brooklyn. I went to see my friend Mikaela Davis, who is a harpist/singer/songwriter, play a solo show. 

I always enjoy hearing Mikaela play, and she seems to be coming out with something new every time. The last time I went to see her at Rockwood she had started using an effects pedal on the harp, which was really cool. This time I noticed she had started using a loop pedal (are they different pedals? I don’t know!), which allowed her to layer sounds so that it seemed like there were multiple harps playing at once. We got to hear a couple of older songs, as well as a bunch of new ones that I hadn’t heard before. I especially liked one with an extended harp solo section, in which she used a pitch bending effect very, well, effectively.

She was actually one of the opening acts for Kate Davis (of bass cover “I’m All About That Bass” fame), and during Kate’s set the two of them (“the Davis Sisters,” as they called themselves) played a super cute cover of the 59th Street Bridge Song. She is playing next in my hometown, Albany, NY in two days!